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A Beacon of Community Spirit This Festive Season

At the heart of Uckfield, the Rugby Football Club, renowned for its deep-rooted values, has once again illuminated the true essence of community spirit. This Christmas, our dedicated team embarked on a heartwarming mission, cooking and delivering nearly 100 festive meals to isolated and vulnerable individuals and families across Uckfield, Chailey, Crowborough, Lewes, Nutley, and Buxted.
Five Years of Compassionate Service 🌟
2023 marked the fifth consecutive year of this noble tradition, a testament to our unwavering commitment to community service. Spearheaded by the dynamic Heidi Greenwood, and supported by a diverse team including our ladies’ team coach, the club’s treasurer, a director, current and ex-members, parents, coaches, and players from both the men’s and ladies’ teams, and our enthusiastic mini players, we’ve demonstrated the power of unity.
Christmas Eve: A Prelude to Giving 🎁
The clubhouse buzzed with activity on Christmas Eve, transforming into a hub of food preparation and gift wrapping. Special thanks to the parents of our U10’s mini team who meticulously cooked the turkeys, laying the foundation for a festive feast.
A Festive Feast to Remember 🥕
On Christmas Day, while many celebrated with their families, Douglas Scott and his skilled sous chef, Adam, were diligently preparing a sumptuous two-course meal. Their efforts ensured that our recipients enjoyed a traditional 2 course turkey dinner with all the trimmings, bringing warmth and joy to many.
Grateful Acknowledgements 🙏
Our heartfelt gratitude extends to everyone who contributed, including Waitrose Community Grant for generously funding the meals. Notable contributions from Liam Miller, Adam Palmer, and Adam Cornford, current and ex-players, added a touch of sweetness with chocolates, biscuits, poinsettias, and gifts for children. Sue Newell’s homemade mince pies were a delightful addition to our care packages.
Delivery Elves Spread Cheer 🥳
On the day itself, a team of cheerful ‘Christmas delivery elves’ ensured the timely and warm delivery of meals, offering companionship and a ray of hope to our recipients.
UCKFIELD RUGBY CLUB: More Than Just a Club 🏉
As we proudly reflect on our impactful Christmas initiative, Uckfield Rugby Club stands tall as not just a sports club, but a cornerstone of community support and engagement. Looking ahead, we are excited about our plans to expand the clubhouse, further cementing our role as a pivotal force in community aid and collaboration.
Join us at UCKFIELD RUGBY CLUB, where every member is a valued part of our community-driven mission.
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