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Progressing from its first game as Uckfield Youth Club against Uckfield School Teachers played at Goldsmiths, Crowborough in 1966 to membership of the Sussex Rugby Football Union in 1967, Uckfield Rugby Football Club celebrated its 40th Birthday on 19th January 2007 with the RFU President, R.A.G. Rogers, as its principal guest of honour having organised its first committee meeting in the Red Cross Room in Framfield Road, Uckfield by candlelight 40 years earlier.

Four decades of Rugby Union – County honours at all age levels, two clubhouses and thousands of voluntary hours from the devoted band of players, coaches, referees, committee persons, catering staff and so on. In reality it is all one happy family getting together to celebrate old memories in the SPIRIT OF RUGBY as evidenced on the sculptured plaque outside the West Stand at Twickenham.

The Club’s crest, an acorn (old English æcern) set in oak lobed leaves bears truth to the old saying “out of little acorns come large oak trees” and it is a testimony to the past Presidents, Chairmen and their respective committees that we enjoy such a thriving club today.

The Club has achieved many successful and memorable tours including:-

Barbados, Berlin, Holland, Cornwall, Ireland, Scotland, Wales to name a few….

Rugby clubs in the 21st Century due to the unabated changes in society require to be run as businesses more or less 365 days a year. This requirement demands skills beyond that of being a competent rugby player and the venerable older sages are hoping and waiting with bated breath to see if our younger members can aspire to the challenge to take the club forward to its 50th Birthday.

Sport and the camaraderie it breeds in profusion has a big role to play in both the town, county and national community.

Recently the Club has become an incorporated company limited by guarantee with a board of directors and a management committee.

It has also been awarded the prestigious RFU Seal of Approval for it’s Mini & Junior section, this accreditation ensures the junior members and their parents of the clubs high level of care, and we hope to complete the RFU Full club Seal of Approval in the very near future.

The Club is always seeking volunteers both male and female of all ages to assist in delivering its packages fixtures, fun and enjoyment throughout each year.

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