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gbrUnited Kingdom
Flanker, Lock
Current Team
Uckfield 1 XV, Uckfield 2 XV

About me:

Desk Jockey/Professional Nerd (a.k.a software engineer) working in insurance. 3 kids to keep me on my toes, slowly guiding them to the rugby way of life! Keen DIYer and woodworker/crafter when time permits!

Why I play rugby:

Always enjoyed watching the game, played for URFC as a junior but fell out the loop and kept wanting to go back. Nearly came back as a referee but decided playing was a better option! Came back after COVID to get fit again and join in the social.

Counties 2 Sussex

2022/2023Uckfield 1 XV000000000
2023/2024Uckfield 1 XV000000000


2022/2023Uckfield 1 XV000000010
2023/2024Uckfield 1 XV000000010

Harvey's Wharf IPA Counties 4 Sussex

2022/2023Uckfield 2 XV000100095
2023/2024Uckfield 2 XV000000010
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