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In line with the RFU, please read the following:-

Children and vulnerable adults are entitled to participate in rugby union activities in a safe and welcoming environment. Whilst anyone has the potential to abuse children or vulnerable adults, safe recruitment procedures will enable clubs or Constituent Bodies to reduce this risk.

Uckfield RFC, when recruiting employees or volunteers will take all reasonable steps to ensure only suitable people are selected.

The people who work at URFC are the most important asset the club has. A good recruitment process is essential to ensure the best people are chosen for the roles they undertake.

These must be people who are suited to the club and who are less likely to harm children, intentionally or accidentally. A club which has good recruitment, induction and supervision processes shows those working there the value which is put on the children’s safety and wellbeing.

Due to the regular turnover of volunteers and staff, the club will regularly risk assess their workforce.

Uckfield RFC will take all reasonable steps to exclude anyone who may pose a threat to children or vulnerable adults.


When recruiting new volunteers, URFC will consider asking anyone unknown to the club to provide a written reference, which will then be verified.

Regulation 21 sets out in detail the requirements the RFU has for those working with children and the DBS. (further details on regulation 21 can be found on the RFU website)

Any vacancy advertised locally or on-line will indicate that a DBS disclosure will be required.


URFC will encourage all adults who have a coaching role to attend an appropriate Rugby Union Coaching Award course and an RFU Safeguarding and Protecting Young People in Rugby Union training course.

All Club Safeguarding Officers must, within six months of being appointed, attend the RFU Club Safeguarding Officers Workshop, which covers their role and responsibilities. Failure to attend means they may not be permitted to continue in the role.

The behaviour and performance of new volunteers and employees will be monitored for a period to ensure they are using best practice.


To provide a safe environment, URFC will ensure that their volunteers and employees, when working with children or vulnerable adults, avoid working in isolation out of the sight of parents or other volunteers.

Whilst volunteers and employees are awaiting their DBS disclosure they must be supervised by someone who does have DBS clearance.

Contingency planning should ensure that if a player’s injury requires significant attention, or coaches are absent or away with a team, levels of supervision can be maintained by suitably vetted individuals.

However, in an emergency, the first attention must be paid to an injured player and if there are insufficient suitably vetted people available to supervise the remaining players, clearly, responsible adults will need to be asked to step in.

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