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Uckfield 2XV vs Hove 3XV


Match Report

A seasonably cold day saw the Acorns welcoming Hove for the next round of the league. Both teams trying to keep warm, no-one standing in one place for long before the kick off.
Hove kicked off the match and reclaimed immediately, setting the tone for the match as their backs dance through the Uckfield players and dotted down for their first points. This was not a good sign and so it proved to be as Uckfield kicked off, deep into the Hove half, they spread the ball quickly wide, through to their fast backs, simply running round the Uckfield line and were able to touch the ball down again, The Acorns now 12-0 down after only a few minutes.
From there, unfortunately, the match did not improve for the Acorns. The Hove gameplan was very evident, to use their backs, and so they did to great effect. Scoring tries round the Acorns defensive line that Uckfield could not respond to.
With Uckfield eventually down to 13 early in the second half due to injury, the outlook only worsened. However, the Acorns were determined to get at least one score on the board in this spanking, carefully working their way up the pitch with two powerful carries into the Hove half, David Cooke finally powering over for the Acorns only try of the match.
After more tries from Hove, Uckfield saw fit to end the game early, conceding to Hove to prevent any further injuries for the next leg away to Crawley.
Sadly, it was not to be the Acorn’s Day, with a loss of 74-5, the heads were down from many of the players. However, caps must be tipped to the Hove team who were well drilled, executed their game plan to perfection and were magnanimous in their victory.
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