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Uckfield Ladies vs Chichester RFC Ladies Match Report


League Match, 25th September 2022

At 14.30, Uckfield Woman’s & Chichester began their eagerly awaited match up at Uckfield Rugby Club.

This was the first ever women’s league match for Uckfield.

Uckfield’s forwards early on established a terrific attacking shape, and after working the ball out wide, Annie crossed the try line to score the game’s opening points.

After a strong attack by Chichester, Uckfield regained control and sent the ball well out to the wing, where Heather made a fantastic offload so Rubi could score in the corner.

The Uckfield backs found their cohesion and continuity around 20 minutes into the first half, which allowed them to exploit Chichester’s defence.

The following try was created by a fantastic interlinking play between Emily and Annie.

A little later into the game the Uckfield forwards were implementing their physicality with powerful ball carries. After a great defensive passage by Chichester, Alison was able to break through the line to score

As halftime approached, Chichester’s ball carriers were dominating the collisions and produced a spectacular line break through centre field. It was inevitable that they would score, however Emily made a great last-ditch tackle that prevented this.

From there, Chloe saw a chance to counter ruck, which resulted in a turnover. This subsequently led to a score thanks to Mel executing a flawless 2 on 1 overlap to score.


Uckfield led Chichester, 34–0, at the half.


The second half kicked off with Chichester dominating possession and territory for a large period of the half. Their attacking shape and willingness to carry hard put Uckfield under serious pressure.

Finally Uckfield were able to regain possession with Bron making a great line break before once again delivering a perfect pass to score again.

After a closely contested game, Uckfield set up a maul 5 metres from Chichester’s try line as the clock approached full time.

Pippa was able to cross the white wash with the help of a strong shove by the arriving players.

Uckfield’s effective attacking phase, which involved good ball movement through offloads and precise passing execution, set the tone for the final play. Chloe ran a fantastic line in between two defenders to crash over the try line.

Final Score: Uckfield 58 – 0 Chichester.

On behalf of Uckfield Rugby Club we would like to thank Chichester for a great game! We can’t credit you enough the great attacking shape and work rate you displayed today!

Finally we would like to thank the great support shown by those who turned up today! It was most certainly felt on the pitch and we look forward to welcoming you again 🏉


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