Summer Camp (Aug 21)

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Although we take every reasonable steps to avoid injuries suffered by the participants, the participants voluntarily assume risk of injury. By agreeing for you child to participate on the camp, you confirm that you are the parent/guardian of the child registered on this form and you consent to;

Your child’s participation in the camp
Your being photographed or filmed which may later be used for promotional material for club or future camps
Any data regarding you or child child may be used for our record keeping purposes
You consent to a first aid person caring for your child in case of an accident
You accept that there is risk of injury when sport is involved.

I hereby authorise by purchasing this ticket that the coaches of Uckfield Rugby Football Club to act for me according to their best judgment in any emergency requiring medical attention. I am acknowledging that participation in the athletic sporting activities carries with it a risk of physical injury. I agree that Uckfield Rugby Football Club and Coaches shall not be liable to me or my child for any injury or damage.

I hereby discharge Uckfield Rugby Football Club and its coaches from all actions, claims and demands i or my child my have for any such injury or damage. I agree to immediately inform Uckfield Rugby Football Club of any changes to my child(s) medical conditions should they change from above.